The Scorpions

The Blood Scorpions "Dream Cast"

Anahita "Ana"
Ana watched Tommy kill her husband point blank. Instead of exacting her revenge on him and his men, she chose to train with them so she could take down the men who ordered the hit on her husband. She spent her year as a Blood Scorpion in training by learning to fight, shoot, and teaching herself several different languages. She is fluent in Spanish, German, Russian, and Italian. She has her Scorpion tattoo around her left eye.

Tommy is the Scorpion leader and a ruthless killer with a soft spot for the only woman in the group. He refuses to admit he has a hard-on for Ana, compensating by throwing raging parties and screwing as many women as he can. He has a knack for keeping Mick in line, though Mick always seems to be ready to kill someone.

Mick grew up in London, raping and killing women as they left beauty salons. No one is sure why this is his trigger and he doesn't talk about. Mick was always against having a woman on the team, despite her talent for killing. He's always teetering on the edge of madness, keeping the house on constant alert.

Beowulf "Wulf"
Wulf is the odd man out among the Scorpions, because he's gay and ginger. He's a mindless killer by night and Ana's best friend by day. He and Nathan make sure she doesn't kill Mick or Tommy. Wulf operates the heavy machinery and procures weapons for the Scorpions.

Nathan is the resident tech geek. He normally stays behind the scenes, but he can kill with the best of them.

Ex-military, Dan is not one of the Scorpions. He's Ana's love interest.

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