September 12, 2013

The Scorpions are Loose!

I loosed my Blood Scorpions upon the world a little over a week ago. You have the first chapter and we'll get into chapter two this coming Monday, but what do you guys think so far? I'd love any kind of feedback you have. As my faithful readers, I value your opinions.

I haven't written anything substantial in a while. It's frustrating. I sent myself to bed early last night because I was just so disappointed with myself. I was going to give myself the rest of the month off, but I woke up with my brain buzzing. lol So, I'm working on the sequel to my vampire story I wanted to have it ready for Halloween, but that isn't going to happen.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying The Blood Scorpions. If you're interested in any of my other works, you can click the carousel to the right, or you can go to


  1. I love your books. I really cannot wait until the sequel to Scorned comes out. I loved loved loved that book. I read in twice in one month.

    1. Aww I'm glad you loved it! I am working on the sequel, but, unfortunately, it's going to be a little longer. I have a *very* tentative date for next May. If all works out, there will be a little surprise. =) *wiggles eyebrows*


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