December 25, 2013

The Ambitious Author

The other day, my blog was about authors who want to make money have to have a secondary venture because, especially for new authors, you're not going to make $100,000,000 as a writer. This post is going to be about me putting my money where my mouth is.
This post will also be jazzed up with gifs. =) Merry Christmas.

Yes, I am broke. I have $0. Actually, I have $6 in my bank account, despite all my hard work to sell the books that I currently have out.

I also have some big dreams for my company, SideStreet Cookie Publishing LLC. To make those dreams come true, I either need a LOT of money, or to learn to code. Can you guess which of those things I did?

Yep. I'm learning code. For free. I know what I'm doing! It's so exciting to find that something I didn't think I could ever understand is actually a lot easier than it looks! I know you're thinking "Coding? Are you CRAZY?!" Because one of my bestie asked me the same exact thing. I'm an author, so yes, I'm a wee bit unhinged, but that's okay! It's easy, but very tedious, even the little bit I've learned over the last...5 days. Yes, five days. I've learned how to set up a website. It's pretty simplistic, but it's there. I made it with my hands.

It's fun. I find it FUN! How crazy is that?

Now, what does this have to do with my post from the other day? I think it's obvious.

Not only will it save me money, but I can get a job coding. A JOB! Something I don't currently have. Well, at least not one that is making me money to live on.

It's important to keep learning, even if it's just sticking things on other things to make them pretty. Keep your mind sharp.

What have you learned today?

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